Prevea On the Move: Marathon Medical Support

Marathon weekend is finally here! We hope you had an injury-free training season, but you may be wondering what happens if you need medical attention along the course on race day? In this week’s Prevea On the Move Tom Krahn, Medical Coordinator for Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, discusses the course, medical support and other race day details to help you be more prepared for race day.


Along the route: There will be 20 medical stations along the route coupled with the water stations that will be highlighted by large red medical flags with a white cross. The medical stations are staffed by licensed athletic trainers, physical therapists, nurses and physician assistants to take care of general first aid needs. If a medical emergency arises, the local 911 system is activated.

Finish line medical tent: The main medical tent at the finish line is fully staffed with physicians, registered nurses, physician assistants and emergency medical technicians with the capability to handle any general first aid needs or medical emergencies. Paramedics from the Green Bay Fire Department are also onsite with an ambulance to handle emergency transportation if needed.

Best of luck to all runners this race weekend!

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