Let me introduce myself and how I ended up signing up for the Green Bay Marathon. I am currently a 38 year old guy who has fallen in love with running. It was a bit a journey to get here because when I was running in my 20’s running and I did not get along. I am a runner who “discovered” running later in life. I had run before, but it was when I was in the Army. I ran a lot then but I HATED IT!!! No, abhorred running yes abhorred! I was an officer so most of my running was on my own, but I had to do it. So as a result, I never enjoyed running like I do now.


I am from Appleton, but I grew up in Grand Chute. I graduated from West in 92 went to college at UW-Oshkosh, was commissioned as a 2LT in 1999 as a field artillery officer and stationed at Ft Lewis, Washington. After the Army I worked in the finance industry for 4 years before ending up when I am now; manufacturing.


It all started in January of 2011, I made a new years resolution to run a marathon. I had always looked at marathoners and thought how the heck can anyone run for 26 miles??!!! I remember thinking that’s the equivalent of running from Appleton to Green Bay! But, I have always liked physical challenges. So, the allure of the marathon and the ability to say “I’ve run a marathon” somehow overcame my not so fond memories of running in cotton shirts and getting up early to go do PT (physical training).


My first marathon was the 2011 Fox Cities marathon, and when I crossed the finish line I was hooked. No marathoner ever forgets the feeling they have when they complete their first marathon. The flood of emotions is unbelievable; I can still see my wife cheering me on at mile 25.5 shouting “YOU CAN RUN AS FAST AS YOU WANT NOW”!!!


Since completing my first marathon I have done 2 more: Grandma’s last June and Fox Cities again last September. I have raced 2 half marathons and a few 5k’s. I don’t race that much but I do “pace” a lot of races. I enjoy pacing races much more than racing. I love helping people meet their time goals.


My goals for the Green Bay marathon, I would like to have personal record. I have not set an exact time goal yet, I will see how my training goes and I will set a more specific time later this year. But, if training goes as intended and the weather cooperates I will be planning on a sub 2:50.



Mark Weinfurter


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