My first…

A little about me..I am a soon-to-be- 43 year old mother of 3 from Lincoln, Nebraska.  I began running as a college freshman at a tiny school, where I met the cross country coach one day and he said I “looked like a runner”.  No run, no times, nothing.  I had never run a race, I just wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.  I discovered I loved it.  I wasn’t fast, but I got a free pair of shoes out of the deal and made a few friends along the way.


I transferred schools, got married, became a Registered Nurse.  I ran occasionally, but really got out of it for about ten years. I had kids, got busy.  Gained a lot of weight,  forgot my passion for exercise in general and running in particular.


As I neared forty, I was ready to make some changes in my life.  I joined a gym, started running again, and did the Lincoln Half Marathon the spring I turned forty.  I loved it.  Since then, I have lost 80 pounds, and  completed several more half-marathons, each faster than the last.  In two weeks, my 21 year old daughter and I will complete the Disney Princess Half-marathon together!  I had forgotten how running makes every other aspect of life better!  My son and I have also done several 5k’s, and I am excited to be sharing running with them.


My goals for the Green Bay Marathon:  Complete the process of training well.  Learn the discipline of a structured training plan  Get to race day feeling rested and energized.   Compete the actual run feeling well and uninjured.  No real time goal, but pie-in-the-sky would be 4:20.  Mostly, I see this first marathon as a learning curve, where I see what my body can do, how it responds, and how to run the race.  What works and doesn’t work for fueling and hydrating.  How I mentally deal with 26.2 miles and how I can be better prepared for a future race.  WANTING to try again after Green Bay would mean my previous goals were met!  I love the city of Green Bay and am excited to run my first marathon there!


Roxanne Cordova


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