Let’s GO!

Hello Fellow runners!  Welcome back to another training season for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.  Last season I shared a few entries in the first timers Blog so thank you for allowing me to share again this year.  I’ve been asked to give you a little personal history and some goals for my first entry – so here goes nothing.

My name is Michael and I am 38 years old.  2 years ago I went to my doctor. for a physical and was scared by two facts. First, I weighed 296 lbs and second, I was showing the early symptoms of a diabetic.  For years I lied to myself that being “a little overweight” was OK as long as it wasn’t affecting my health.  Also, chubby people are supposed to be happy, jovial people – right – Like Santa Claus.  The lies I told myself couldn’t be validated any longer – the scale only returns a number and the early symptoms of diabetes could not be justified with any more excuses.

In addition to the very real health concerns, my children were asking me to play football, baseball, soccer and numerous other activities that I was constantly finding excuses to avoid.  It was easier to lay on the couch than actually spend quality time with my kids.  I began to feel guilty about the time lost with my children.  They are only young for such a short time and I was denying them  the quality father/child time that they deserved…that I deserved.

So here I am 2 years later and training for my 3rd half marathon.  The scale still scares me, but it is topping out closer to 225 instead of 300.  My kids have a father that is coaching baseball/softball and playing catch rather than watching TV.  I have put the progression of diabetes on hold and found out that I really like running.

My goal for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon will be to complete the ½ marathon.  I was able to get through before the course closed last year due to heat and if I can finish I’ll call it a victory.  I guess a stretch goal would be to finish with a time at least one second faster than my PR.  I’ve come to the realization that running for me is just for fun.  I will admit though that watching one of the full marathon runners pass me as I was finishing last year was a little disheartening and I used it as motivation to keep going.

I will be using these entries over the next few months as accountability to myself and my training plans.  I’ll keep training and posting and I hope you’ll come along and have fun too.  Maybe I’ll even see you at the Saturday training runs!  Remember there is no such thing as an ugly win and slow and steady still crosses the finish line!


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” – Vince Lombardi

Michael Cowen


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