Hooked & hoping to BQ!

Hey fellow runners out there! My name is Katie Jo from Minneapolis MN and the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon will be my 12th ever marathon. I ran my first full marathon in Las Vegas, Neveda in 2008 and within six months I found myself at the starting line of my second marathon, then I just kept going from there! The main reason I ran my first marathon was to see if I could even handle the distance to decide if I did in fact want to attempt the Ironman Triathlon. I am happy to say I was successful in completing the Ironman in Madison Wisconsin in both 2010 and 2012. So with Ironman out of the way, for now, it’s time to put the focus back on my running!

A little bit more about my history as a runner; it has been a part of my life since I was 13. I joined the track team in 7th grade and then the cross country team in 8th grade. My big accomplishment as a runner during the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I ran a total of 112 miles! I had a two mile route and a one mile route and can still remember it being a big deal to go out and run them!

Now that I’m a bit older and have grown as a runner, I am running a few more miles per day than I did back then. I am also setting bigger goals. The big goal this year being to run my best ever marathon at Green Bay and finally qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Over the next 17 weeks I will be sharing my journey to my B.Q. with you!

Thanks for reading and happy running!

Katie Jo 🙂


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