Prevea On the Move – Core Strengthening with TRX

During long distance runs, do you experience back pain? Do you find your form getting worse? Back pain and faltering form could mean you need to strengthen your core muscles. Developing core strength is crucial to a training routine and will help prevent injury and improve overall running form.

When training for a half or full marathon, it is important to remember that you need to train more than just your legs. Having a well functioning core protects important muscles and bones in the spine, hips, knees and ankles creating a fluent, efficient movement helping to prevent injury. The core is more than your abdominal muscles—it’s the bridge between the upper and lower body, left and right side.

This week’s Prevea On the Move demonstrates TRX – a newer form of engaging your core. It’s a tool utilizing suspension training to strengthen core muscles while exercising other parts of the body. TRX training sets are available for home use or classes at many local fitness centers.


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