Don’t think, just run!

Hi everyone! Wow, where did January go? Spring races will be here before we know it!

After months of blister-free, ache-free running, I ended up with a flaw in my form and an angry foot. The good news is I figured it out quickly and fixed it. The bad news is what I wanted to share with all of you (well, because it ends happily!). In the process of trying to fix my form and get back to running as I knew it, I ended up getting way too focused on technique and I lost my way. All of a sudden, I couldn’t run even a mile without being hyper-aware of where my arms were, where my feet were landing, etc. Every new little ache or tweak freaked me out. Time out! It’s running. We all do it in our own way. There’s not just one right way. It should not be this hard.

We live in a world where everyone has an opinion on perfect nutrition, perfect training, perfect form, etc. These all have merit but like anything else, I believe they should be applied in moderation.

This reminded me of a line from one of my favorite baseball movies, Bull Durham. One of the pitchers got all caught up in his own mind, and he had to keep repeating to himself “Don’t think, just throw”. It got funnier when he followed a recommendation to breathe through his eyelids like the lizards of the Galapogos Islands. By focusing on this crazy idea, he forgot all about his form and just threw the ball.

We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. And so, I invite you all to “not think, just run.” When I adopted this approach during a recent run, it was amazing how quickly I fell back into my comfortable cadence, just running, not thinking.

May you all enjoy countless miles while breathing through your eyelids like lizards!!

-Tina Hauser


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