The practice

The Financial Peace University class my wife and I are taking has you come up with a budget where you direct every dollar. Like training, it’s not perfect the first or second time you try to put it together. It can be frustrating breaking everything down by category, realizing you forgot the quarterly water bill or something else along the way and wondering how you’ll ever perfect this mess. I’ve also had similar doubts when struggling with a short run… wondering if this will ever get easier or how will I make it on the long runs. This week I planned to push it and knock a half a minute off my regular mile time. I was able to keep that pace for 2 of the 4 miles. I found myself focusing on the 2 that weren’t the faster pace instead of the fact that I’m practicing. Who would’ve thought that you would have to practice budgeting or running. It’s just something that you do, right? But I REALLY want to hit a time and to do that, I’ll need to practice. I’m not going to wake up tomorrow running 8 1/2 minute miles consistently without first running a mile in 10 minutes consistently and then 9 minutes consistently. The budget will get better because sleepwalking through my financial life may be the path of least resistance, but it isn’t the way I or my family wants to live. But I’m not going to wake up tomorrow with $10,000 in my emergency fund. That will grow dollar by dollar and will grow faster as I’m not paying on debt. The progress will come with practice. Practice, or moving toward your intended result through repetition, is time well spent. I struggle with my time management too… but will save that for another post! Happy miles to you all!!

-Daniel Bushner


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