Hey everyone… I figure the winter is about half over, I think it’s about time I catch a cold. Maybe, instead of a cold, it could be a phlegm tsunami!! Today began with me nearly unable to speak and I know I’m giving a presentation over the next three and a half days. Then I call after work and my wife and children were nearly in an accident… ended up knocking the driver’s side mirror off the car. She’s upset. I’m upset. I’m 300 miles south of her at this moment. What do I know? I know my wife and children are safe. I know I made it through day one of the three and half day presentation. I also know I have to run three miles tomorrow to keep up with the training. So, how do I keep perspective on this? I’d like to think of myself as a positive person. I want to do well. I knew I would have setbacks, but small as they are, they’re kickin my behind. On the budget side, we were all freakin’ awesome and then “POW” $30 worth of meds, “BAM” $40 worth of repairs… what else? On the budget, the first think they have us do is set aside $1000 for emergencies. We used to use the credit card for emergencies. I see that ending. I may be hacking now, but I’ll probably walk the 3 miles tomorrow morning. I need it. I need it NOT to beat me. I need money to NOT beat me. I need my car NOT to beat me. It’s one of those, “I’m alone in a hotel room and I could feel sorry for myself or I can suck it up and get it done.” Whatever gets in your way, may you drop kick it into next week and continue to train… onward and upward!

-Daniel Bushner


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