Why am I doing this?

By Laura Broullire

Runners, within the last few weeks, how many of you have asked yourself: “Am I absolutely crazy for doing this?” Are you all raising your hands right about now?

It’s the time of the season when I think we all could use a quick reality check. It has been a long, hard, snowy winter with less-than-ideal training conditions. Spring, though coming, is sure taking its sweet time in blessing us with warm sun and clear roads. The long runs are getting longer, and our initial trains of good intentions can get derailed by easier, less exhausting pursuits.

Maybe you’ve been plagued with injuries – be it serious problems or minor discomforts – or the training schedule is turning out to be more demanding and time-consuming than you’d anticipated. Perhaps you’ve all but forgotten why you wanted to do this run in the first place.

Guess what? You are not alone.

Allow me to remind you that every runner – at some point along his or her journey – plows smack into a wall of self-doubt. It could be prompted by an injury, a scheduling conflict or a particularly exhausting training run. Regardless of the issue, we’ve all said to ourselves, “Can I really do this? Maybe I can’t.” And it’s time to tell that voice in your head to shut up.

Take just a moment to remind yourself of why you filled out that registration form in the first place. Whether you have fitness or weight loss goals, you have a burning desire to see the inside of Lambeau Field from the players’ perspective or you are running in honor of a charitable cause, your effort is noble. There is no one to stop you from pursuing this dream other than yourself, so reaffirm your decision right now and recommit to your plan.

Our reasons are as different and varied as our running styles, but each one is unique and valid and special. So take just a moment to silence any contrary thoughts, put away any self-doubt and get excited about the adventure ahead. The road is waiting. (And, with any luck, it will be snow-free by the time May rolls around.)

1 thought on “Why am I doing this?

  1. my hand is the 1st one raised. Thanks I needed that!!!

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