#BostonStrong: Our medical director’s journey to becoming a marathoner

We’re proud to have Prevea Health as our official health partner. Prevea Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician, Dr. Jeremy Metzler currently serves as our medical director. He was working at the finish line medical tent during the Boston Marathon in 2013 as the tragic events of that day unfolded. Dr. Metzler will be sharing his story on the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon blog about how that day changed his life and his journey to becoming a marathoner.

It’s the beginning of the year and I’m looking back on the past year and how much my life has changed. As a primary care sports medicine physician, I have been taking care of runners for years. In addition, many of my friends themselves are runners. I, however, had never gotten the itch or the motivation to become one myself. But, that all changed when I was at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

That day changed the lives of many runners and especially those spectators who were injured. It also served as my motivation to start running. I have considered training for a marathon in the past but lacked the impetus to commit to such a rigorous training regimen.

Prior to this year, I had never completed or even started an organized race. Since beginning my journey, I have completed a few 5Ks and even a half marathon. I have completed races in three different states including a 5K in Anchorage, Alaska. Currently, I am training to run the 2014 Boston Marathon in honor of what occurred and those whose lives were changed forever that day. Unlike the majority of individuals who need to qualify, I was able to enter on an exemption thanks to the Boston Marathon Medical Coordinator.

I have been using Runcoach.com for my training program. I like the fact that the program will update my training schedule based on what I have done and what my goals are. As we all know, some days or even weeks do not work out as planned and thus the program can reconfigure my training schedule. Currently, I’m running three days per week with three days of cross-training mixed in. Most of my running is done outdoors. I guess I am somewhat atypical because I do not like to listen to music while running and I would also rather run alone than with a large group. My runs give me a chance to unwind mentally. Never thought I would enjoy running outdoors in the cold weather but have come to relish these runs.

I’ll keep updating you on a regular basis and further discuss my experiences with running and how that day in April has affected my personal and professional life.


Keep training,

Jeremy D. Metzler, MD


Prevea Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician
Medical Director for Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

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