Prevea on the Move: Could allergies affect your marathon time?

By Dr. Jeffrey Shaw, Prevea Allergist

Not only can seasonal allergies result in discomfort, but if you are a runner, allergies can also adversely affect one’s ability to achieve a target time. If you have seasonal allergies, winter is actually the best time to address them by seeking evaluation by an allergist and developing a treatment plan.

It typically takes several months to achieve maximum benefit from immunotherapy. That makes winter the best time to prepare yourself to be symptom-free for your next race. If over-the-counter allergy medication leaves you with undesirable side effects such as dry eyes, nose or throat, drowsiness, irritability or insomnia, it’s time to seek professional medical help.

For more information about allergy testing, call Prevea Allergy at (920) 431-1964 in Green Bay or (920) 457-2100 in Sheboygan or visit

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