Always Going Farther

I had never been a runner and one summer when I couldn’t afford a gym membership I decided to start running because it was something I could do outside and didn’t cost me anything. I started from the beginning, signed up for some 5k’s, Turkey Trots, etc. I got pregnant and ran as long as I could and switched to walking through the rest of my pregnancy. I stayed active so when I wound up with an emergency c-section the six weeks of “no working out” was torture. I got the clear to workout again and the first thing I wanted to do was go for a run. I ran a mile when I got home and started to go up from there. I then decided I would sign up for the Bellin and run what I could and walk the rest. I wound up completing the whole thing (farthest I have ever ran), ten weeks after having the baby and little to no training. After completing that I decided my next goal was the half marathon, with training I could do this, and here I am!


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