Building Blocks

As someone who hates to ‘exercise’ I find it surprising that I love to run.  And I’m not just saying that…I REALLY LOVE TO RUN.

I recently discovered running at the age of 40 when I decided it was time to get moving and make better choices; so I joined a gym.  I hated it…the only thing I remotely liked was the treadmill and that’s only because I could read a book while walking.  But I was determined to get my money’s worth so I continued treadmill walking. Then one day I picked up the pace and started jogging.  Soon I was alternating between walking and jogging and then it happened…I ran an ENTIRE mile nonstop. That one mile was truly was a defining moment for me.  From that point on I pushed myself little by little.  I left the gym, continued outdoors, and experienced a whole new running world.

I signed up for a local 2-mile run.  I was so nervous and excited to participate in an official event.  (Although it was labeled as a fun run and not timed…it didn’t matter to me.  I was proudly entered in ‘a race’.)   I started with a fun run and ended up with the running bug.  I wanted more. I signed up for a 5K and then another and then a couple of 5-milers followed by a 10K.  And now I’m signed up and training for my first half-marathon; the Cellcom Green Bay Half.

I continue to amaze myself that I can run.  I don’t have a runner’s body, but I have a runner’s heart. There are days when I feel that 3 or 4 miles seem like an eternity, but I never regret going for a run; there are so many great runs that outweigh the not so great ones.  I just think of all my runs as building blocks to my next goal.  In this case it’s my first half-marathon.  13.1…..I know I can do this!

Tanya Meyer (De Pere, WI)

1 thought on “Building Blocks

  1. I like you do not have a runners body, but have a runner’s heart. I am now on my 6th full marathon and have ran 9 half marathons….keep up the great work!

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