Running, Take 2

At this point in my life, I have been a runner longer than I haven’t been one. If the running side of my life was a movie production, then I could say I’m in the middle of “running, take 2.”

Take 1: 6th grade, running club at school. I remember I enjoyed my first taste of running, the teacher who led our club was a lot of fun, and I had a fear of running on bridges. I can’t explain the bridge fear, but thank goodness that fear has passed!

Take 2: Running really cemented itself as a constant in my life sophomore year. I had the opportunity to run the two mile in track and instead of running the other way, I embraced it. Eight laps around a track…wait, really, I embraced that? In fall of my junior year I ran cross country for the first time, and then ran track and cross country the rest of high school. A big track memory that stands out: The wonderful friends who made a pyramid for me during the two mile, to cheer me on for those final laps.

Twenty years later, and take 2 continues. I never thought 20 years ago that running would be a big part of my life all these years later. The people I have met, the races run, and the t-shirt and medal collections I have accumulated have created some fantastic memories for me. I would really love to know how many pairs of shoes I have gone through building those memories.

As I ring in each New Year, I look forward to filling my calendar with races, and to the new memories I will make running them. Maybe it’s an unwritten resolution of sorts for me, but there is something exciting about making race preparations each year. Signing up for various races also keeps me in training mode, which is motivation I need, especially during the cold winter months.

As soon as I could sign up our team for this year’s Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Relay, I did. And the butterflies started. Believe it or not, after running all these years, there is still an element of fear mixed in with that excitement as I take the starting line. I hope that fear never goes away!

Time for me to lace up my shoes, and continue making memories during this second take: See you on the course!

Amy Behrendt

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