For the love of the run…and Dilly Bars

Inspiration is everywhere when it comes to running! When I see other runners, read other running blogs, and talk to my friends, everyone has a story about how they started running. One of my favorite things about race day is the inspiration I get just watching the other runners, who have worked so hard to get to the starting line.

Inspiration these days also comes within the walls of my home. My 6-year-old has gotten the running bug. Maybe it’s all the races he has watched me run and train for, or maybe it’s all the races and training I did while pushing him in a jogging stroller for a few years before he outgrew the stroller on me. Either way, he has taken an interest in the sport I love so much, and his dresser is home to many kids run shirts he has earned.

After 20 years of logging miles, one of my favorite running memories is when my son and I ran our first race together (without me pushing him) in November 2013. He was one excited first grader when he brought home the race flyer from school. “Mom! Mom! Can we do this?” The excitement was mainly for the cool stocking hat and Dilly Bar we would receive when we ran it, but hey, like I said, inspiration comes from everywhere!

We were both thrilled as we lined up with fellow Santa Scampers that chilly, late-November evening. When we got the start command, it was go time. Hearing him laugh and cheer throughout the race gave me all the inspiration I needed for that race, and many more races to come. I loved his energy, and pure joy to be there. And when we crossed the finish line, Dilly Bars awaited us. The cold treats tasted wonderful, even if the night was just as frozen as they were.

The best words I heard that evening? “Mom, let’s do this again next year!”

Not every race promises Dilly Bars, but I think every race provides inspiration. I won’t have my favorite 6-year-old to run alongside me for my leg of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Relay, but I will do my best to channel his excitement from that night. And that will be perfect inspiration for me May 18.

See you on the course (And if you have a Dilly Bar waiting for me at my relay handoff, I won’t mind).

– Amy Behrendt

1 thought on “For the love of the run…and Dilly Bars

  1. I am running in as a relay team in at the Marathon. Can you tell me how team members find each other at the designated “hand-off” spots? Do people on the team wear brightly colored shirts or some other identifier so when the person is running their leg of the race, they spot the relay team member to pass on their wrist band. I don’t understand how this works. I am afraid I will not spot my person.

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