Prevea on the Move: Mental Challenges of Training

As a first time marathoner or half-marathoner, you may doubt yourself that you will be ready for May 18. My answer to you is “YOU WILL BE READY!” Here are a few tips to help through training and race day:

  • You have put the miles in and your body is ready. Think back to January when you started this journey. You have run 8, 12 or 20 miles and that is a huge accomplishment. Mentally and physically, you completed those miles, so put your mind at rest and don’t let your mind play games with you.
  • You are going to have good and bad runs. Remember you are building a running foundation. It is not built in one or two runs; it takes many runs to create that foundation for race day. If you have a bad one, shake it off because the next run will be better.
  • Focus on the surroundings when running. We tend to get caught up in looking at our watches or we start listening to the soreness of our bodies when running. Look around and enjoy the sites. Take everything in — not just how you are feeling or that you didn’t hit your last split.

Mike LaMere
Prevea Sports Medicine
Training Run Director

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