Full Marathon Bound

The journey to get here hasn’t been the easiest, but it has been fun none-the-less. I first started running when my wife passed away in September of 2002. The feeling of emptiness was overwhelming. I found myself talking to many people about what I was going through. Although it helped to talk, I still felt like there was always something sitting there. My brain was always running in different directions. Finally I read about running and how it can sometimes help in keeping thoughts straight. Well I finally picked up a pair of shoes, laced them up and went out.

It was not as easy as I thought it would have been. I found myself burned out very quickly. I realized now what I was doing. I was concentrating way too much on running and not what was bothering me, which resulted in not running for almost 2 years. That is when I found it necessary to put the shoes on again and try again. This time was a little easier, but again found myself struggling. I realized I was starting like a bullet again and concentrating on that. After a few times out I slowly got that feeling out of me and started concentrating on what was bothering me. Before I knew it my body just took over. The breathing became easier, the running movement became just instinct and speed was not part of the game at all.

The thing I wanted most out of running started to become a reality. The mental stress was starting to go away. I was feeling much more at ease with myself and much better about everything around me. The next step was by accident. Some friends came up to me and asked if I wanted to do an event. My very first. I didn’t know what to expect. The feeling after being there was WOW! The excitement and the feeling of all the adrenaline consumed me so much. I felt I needed more.

Since then I have done my fair share of 5k’s 10’ks, 8k’s and even a few ½ marathons. Enjoying the atmosphere of these events keeps me going. The stress and mental status is so much less because of running. I owe it all to that. I have found myself not only a person that likes to do events, but to help mentor others. Everyone in the community that runs knows that I will run at whatever they want to run at. It’s about having fun. The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is my pick for my first full marathon. I’ve heard many great things about this event. This will also be my wife’s first 5k event. I will be running with her during it. I can’t wait. Thank you!

-Shilo Titus

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