The Final Countdown and Game Plan

As I write this it is surreal to think that in a few short days I will be participating in my first half marathon. I have one final cross training workout tonight and then I’m on rest mode until Sunday. I will spend Friday and Saturday doing plenty of stretching, foam rolling, and icing to get my muscles ready. To be honest I’m feeling pretty good about where I’m at. I’m very excited and have more than enough butterflies in my stomach already. But I am nervous about the weather this weekend. Currently it’s looking less than stellar with higher winds, rain, and humidity. Not exactly ideal conditions for any runner, but I know that I can persevere. My fingers are in a permanent state of being crossed that Mother Nature will decide to hold off her fury of rainy, yucky weather until late Sunday evening so that all the runners, volunteers, and spectators can enjoy this weekend’s festivities.

I’m in full on game plan mode at the moment. I’ve been slowly looking over all the information for the weekend and starting to devise a game plan to help alleviate any nervous energy prior to the race. I’ve been slowly sharing my bib number with friends and family that will not be able to attend the race so that they can take advantage of the text message updates that Cellcom is providing. THANKS CELLCOM!! It’s awesome that even though people can’t be there, they can still cheer me on and see how I’m doing.

I look forward to attending the Prevea Health & Fitness Expo on Saturday and picking up my bib and race info. For me that’s always the start on my race experience. Once I have my bib, it’s game on! The adrenaline slowly starts building and my mind starts to prepare for the next day. I’ve also started making a list of what I will need for Sunday, so that I can have it all put together on Saturday night. Anything to help give me piece of mind come Sunday morning will be appreciated. So here is my game plan thus far:

  1. Saturday is packet pick up and checking out the Prevea Health & Fitness Expo….definitely have to check out all the cool clothes and vendors that will be there
  2. My “last meal”. I always joke about my last big meal before race day and for me it’s going to be pizza! I’ve actually trained with different meals the night before and pizza seems to be the right food for me….and who doesn’t love pizza haha.
  3. Set out EVERYTHING I need for Sunday the night before so that I’m not running around like a crazy woman the morning of……….because that has NEVER happened before lol.
  4. Sunday morning will be an early morning (obviously). The plan is to leave for Lambeau at around 6:30 because I live near the course and don’t want to deal with too much traffic, PLUS I want to see my fellow Leaders of the Pack: Sara, Scott, and Alyssa be announced prior to the start of the marathon! GOOD LUCK TO EACH OF YOU!
  5. I will spend time with my friends and family before the half marathon starts and we will confirm our meeting spot after I finish, by this time the butterflies in my stomach will be on full blast lol.
  6. Get to my corral and get ready to go, once I cross the start line my mind will calm and I’ll settle into my groove. I know that once I start, I’m going to take in everything I can. This is going to be a lifetime experience for me J
  7. Cross the finish line! Haven’t decided yet if I’ll throw my hands up in the air like Rocky or if I’ll channel my inner Aaron Rodgers and throw out the championship belt.
  8. Celebrate with my fellow runners and well as my friends and family that came along to watch me run around Green Bay.

Since this is my first time EVER running this distance I really didn’t set any goals for myself besides just being able to finish. I have an idea of how long it will take me to run the course but I’m not gonna push myself too hard since I know that if the weather doesn’t cooperate that may be a fairly lofty goal already. But I want to enjoy every minute of my run and take in all the sights and sounds. Because I’ve never run this course before, it will help keep my mind of the miles and allow myself to really enjoy the full experience. So if you see me along the course make sure to wave and I’ll try to high five as many people as I can! I’m also looking forward to rocking that awesome finisher’s medal!!


Jen Leiterman

The First Timer

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