Tundra Trailblazer: It’s personal, but not lonely

Hello Runners!  I hope the start of your training is going as well as mine. I seem to have been welcomed into the running world with open arms. Friends are telling of their experiences, memories of their first half marathons, tips and tricks that they have learned on the way, even product suggestions. Several people have offered to run with me which is amazingly comforting. I am learning so much!  I’m not afraid to ask questions but don’t always know what I don’t know or what to ask. It didn’t occur to me until a couple of days ago that I would have to EAT during my longer training runs and the race. This coming from a lady whose husband replies, “Shocker!” in the most sarcastic of tones when she expresses her hunger. I’m pretty sure the term “hangry” was invented because of me.

Running on a treadmill is becoming tolerable, and with the right music or Netflix show, is enjoyable.  Winter and icy sidewalks do not agree with me. Sometimes, I feel like I’m behind in my distances, but I just keep reminding myself (with the help of my husband and friends) that I am new and shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  Progress not Perfection, right? As long as I stick to my Runcoach plan, I will be fine. I have also been reminded that I will have to let some things go in order to focus on training. I have fallen in love with several group fitness classes, but to keep from overtraining, some things will have to give way. I plan to keep my TRX and yoga for sure as people have made it very clear that cross training is an important part.  Also, the foam roller is my new best friend. I’ve been asked if it “hurts so good” and I reply, “No, it just hurts.” Overall, my recovery is quicker, and my joints feel better.

The biggest issue right now is already my schedule. I work 12-hour night shifts as a Labor and Delivery nurse. Those of you in this type of work know that the shifts are not the same week to week and include weekend obligations. Sleep is irregular, at best. I have to plan my week ahead and put my runs in my calendar around my rest and work. I stand by my statement that, “It’s personal but not lonely.” Everyone has their schedules and obligations. I’m not the first one to have to figure this out. One of my night shift coworkers has been through this process, and I understand it is only going to get more complicated as the training progresses. I’m a planner but will have to learn some flexibility. For now, I am trying to follow Runcoach as much as possible to attempt to establish some good habits.

Until the next entry, keep on keeping on, and keep posting #cgbm16 so I can follow your progress as well!  Happy training!!!


2016 Tundra Trailblazer

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