Tundra Trailblazers: Set up for Success

As I’ve gotten my introduction out of the way, it’s on to the fun stuff! Some people might say I am OCD (or rather CDO per alphabetical order) – so having free reign to write whatever/however stressed me out “a little”. Don’t judge. I created a format for my blogs – more for myself than for you readers 🙂

Reason for Running: Running is not only good for your soul, but is also good for your health – shocker!  Most of us already know that studies have shown that running can help prevent a host of unpleasant conditions (obesity, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc).  However, for me, the biggest change has been in how I have slowly kicked some not-so-good-for-me habits (soda, smarter/healthier food choices, portion control – well, sometimes) as I have realized how much they affected me not only energy wise, but also in my performance. Like they say: you are what you eat!

Current Celebration/Accomplishment: I have *almost* successfully completed round 2 of the 4 week training cycle I am following (next week is recovery – a piece of cake compared to the last 3 weeks!). I usually allow myself one workout within each 4 week cycle that if it doesn’t go as planned or am just not “feelin it”, I don’t beat myself up about (hey, life happens!) – but this round I haven’t had to use up that freebie. GO ME!

Current Challenge/Fear: Blisters! I already have a few, and know I should expect more – but this week the appearance and location surprised me. Normally I can feel “the burn” as they come on, but I didn’t feel the HUGE one that showed up after this weeks longest run right at the web between my big/second toe. Those of you who know me, know how much I LOVE feet (100% sarcasm), so if I just have to tend to some blisters and get to keep all my toenails throughout this journey – I’ll take it!

Strategy Shared with me for Success: “Take it in small chunks – don’t think of it as 26.2 miles. That would be like running from Green Bay to Appleton. Increments of 2 or 5 miles are a lot less daunting.”

Focus/Goal for next week: Keep next week as a true recovery week – don’t push myself to do more than I should. Soak the easy week up!

If you have any tips/hints/tricks to dealing with blisters and/or strategies for success, please share!


Runnin’ for Recovery,


2016 Tundra Trailblazer

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