Tundra Trailblazers: Train smart

Hello fellow runners!

How is everyone feeling after our third training run?? Is anyone experiencing major emotions? Excitement, nervousness? Maybe thoughts like, “What am I getting myself into?” Well, I’ve been there for sure! My advice is to just focus week by week and not look at the big picture. Those longer miles can sound defeating. That’s why we train smart and take care of our bodies along the way. When we get to that start line on race day, we will be focused and prepared for anything because we have experienced it all along the way while training. Race day is nothing compared to the last 4 months of training!

In this blog, I want to touch base on the importance of cross training with your running. I have trained both ways and having some other activities in my program helped me get stronger. Cross training can be anything from biking, swimming, aerobic classes, yoga, CrossFit, weights and many more functional movements. We want to train our bodies to move in all planes of motion. Not just moving forward,  like running! Try adding one or two days of cross training to your schedule. Now might be easier with the miles still pretty low.

I would love to get your feedback and thoughts about cross training. You can find me on Facebook or email me at ash20hair@aol.com.
Until next time, my friends!

Ashley King

2016 Tundra Trailblazer


1 thought on “Tundra Trailblazers: Train smart

  1. I probably ask “What did I get myself into?” at least once a day. Especially that my first big race is so public as a fellow Trailblazer. I’m happy to know I’m not the only one.

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