Tundra Trailblazers: Learning about goals

Hello Runners!!! We are still fairly early in our training, and I am still on the treadmill.  I WILL get outside.  I promise! I really do prefer to run outside but am so afraid of getting hurt that I’m waiting until March-ish. I’m not afraid of colder temps but want to avoid the ice. Power to those of you who are braver than me and run outside all year (Ahem… Bradly). Maybe next year for this chica. Maybe. I am looking forward to fresh air, sunshine and breaking in my new running shoes. They are so pretty!!!

I’m learning a lot about goals. Ultimately, we all have the same goal of finishing the race whether we are looking for a PR or just to get across the finish line. Each training day is a goal: the distance, the pace, the activity. Each mile or quarter mile is a goal. I find myself making deals (If you make it to xxx distance then you can walk), and depending on how I feel, I may keep running and make a deal for the next xxx distance. We are such a short attention span society that this has become a kind of game for me. The terrible thing about treadmills is trying to avoid the numbers. And before you say it, putting a towel over it doesn’t work for me. I just peek. I gotta know!!! Some runs feel better than others ranging from “I don’t care about what’s on the screen” to “That’s all the further I went since I last looked??? You’ve got to be kidding me!” Either way, I finished. I ran, and that is what matters.

Schedule issues still come and go. Life just gets in the way, but if I plan ahead and rearrange my activities I am still able to get all my runs in. Last week, I had plans on Saturday to do a LOT of dancing so I did my long run on Wednesday instead. This week, my work schedule and appointments make Wednesday an impossible day to run so Sunday was a run-day not a rest-day. This can be hard for me because I like to follow directions and going against what my plan says to do makes me twitch a bit.

I’m definitely in the “What did I get myself into?” stage which will probably continue until I cross the finish line. Why did I think that making my first half marathon training and race so public was a good idea? Don’t get me wrong.  The Tundra Trailblazers is an incredible opportunity, but there’s nothing like the fear of letting all of Green Bay down to motivate a person.  In reality, it’s still MY race.  I just have a REALLY big support group.  You have been encouraging me and cheering me on already, so I thank you!  And let’s be honest… I can’t quit with all of you staring at me.  Happy training!

2016 Tundra Trailblzer

(Spoiler alert: Becky took to the streets last Saturday. More to come on that!)

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