Tundra Trailblazers: You vs. You

Ok, so here is a glimpse of my training and some of my story-

So it is now February! Training has begun. January was my lowest mileage month since November of 2014, coming in at 76ish run miles for the month. Completing my 2 month “run rest”, and now it’s go time, now the stories begin, the adventures both by yourself and the running buddies that are made.  The training is the best part of the race, the actual race is just the reward.

I decided in December to back down on my running, as I was on an 8mi run with some friends, and at mile 5, I felt this twinge in the bottom of my left heel, I knew it was Plantar fasciitis (even though I’ve never had it) from listening to all my running friends describe the symptoms of theirs, so that’s one reason why I dropped it back, the other was just to give the rest of my body a rest, I am currently on Run Streak Day 789 of running 1 mile or more outside per day, for my normal rest days I slow the pace down and just run 1 mile.  I believe this has helped me with consistency, and accountability to myself to continue to stay active, and believe me that is working! (I often hear about it from my very loving and understanding wifeJ).

Two weekends ago I helped with set up and volunteered at the Lighthouse BIG CHILL Winter run (part of a 5 &10K race series in the Milwaukee area). I am usually out there racing along with everyone, and believe me I really wanted to, but one of the things that I just love about the race community is the people, the support by others, the friendships that are made just from being a runner.

I have my training plan in front of me. I still have my base mileage from last year. As I have lowered the monthly mileage, the long runs on the weekends (6-10mi) have still been there with friends.

This weekend I plan to head out to Lapham Peak State Park for some long slow trail miles for my long run this weekend, I will let ya’ll know how it goes!

SOME RUNNING HISTORY JAN 2008-MAY 2010 (part 1 of my running story)-

One of my favorite movies is Rocky (mainly III & IV), being the underdog is just something that drives. It’s me against myself, not only physically but mentally. I love the challenge of running and racing, breaking thru new barriers that I never thought possible. The gym that I normally go to is the Watertown Area YMCA, it is located in Watertown in the old High School. Back in 2008 my buddy and I started a journey, a journey to get our lives back. I was 296 lbs, and was not active like I once was. Life was taking its toll, working, going out with friends, not taking care of myself.  Then we went to this place call The Watertown HAWC (Health & Wellness Center, now the Y). We started walking for 30 min in the morning, then started mixing in weightlifting, we just did it.  We went for a year, then one of the days I was jogging at 6mph on the treadmill for about .75 mi, I got done, and could hardly breathe, he looked over at me, and asked this one question that changed my life forever. I will never forget it, at the time it was so minimal, but now I look back and am thankful that he asked the following question “What are you trying to do, RUN A MARATHON?” That question right there changed my life, it made me think, maybe, maybe I could run.  That question was asked in January of 2009, we then switched to a different gym in February, the 2nd day I was at the new gym, I ran my first mile! It was an 11 min mile, but I will not forget that day either.  Four months later that June I ran my first 5k (my weight was 266), by September I had run 4 5k’s first one being 33min, the 4th one was 28 min. Also that September I ran my first Duathlon (a 2mile run-20 mile bike-2mile run), That really got me going!  That winter was the first year of the Great Lakes Multisport Winter Running Series in the Milwaukee area (now named Light House Events Winter Running Series). I participated in that, and my love for snow/ winter running began!  In December of 2009, I decided that I would like another goal to aim for, so that’s when I signed up for the 2010 Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon. This race also changed my life, I followed the Prevea training program they offered as close to it as I could (with my weight down to 242), come race day I was ready, the hay was in the barn, now I just needed to use it to plan. I raced the first 11 mi of this race with my 5th grade basketball coach and very good running friend Cole Braun, he ended up running the full, my goal for the race was 2hrs, I ended up running it in 2:02 (very happy with that time for first half, but also very determined for the next one). Yep, there was no question I was going to be running another one, my mind was made up for that when I signed up for the first oneJ!  I will leave it here for now, and will continue on the next entry!

My Theme for the Week, is (IT’S PERSONAL- Remember it’s you against yourself, not others).  That’s how you progress, you challenge yourself with ideas and things that you never thought were possible. Happy Training and talk to ya’ll next week!

2016 Tundra Trailblazer

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