Tundra Trailblazer: Saturday Morning Bliss

Is it weird to say that I look forward to waking up super early on the Saturday mornings?!!? Are you that person too!?!??

I never had a 9-5 job. It was always something like, 10-7pm or 12-8pm and I always worked Saturdays. As my fitness interests grew, I needed to find more time for myself. I was eventually able to drop my Saturdays from my work. This allowed me to be able to train for my first marathon.

Realistically, people look forward to their weekends as laid back, kicking their feet up, and being lazy. Well, not for our household 🙂 We enjoy being active and on the go. Ok, maybe I like it more than my husband! LOL. Then there is the others like us, who send their kids over to the in-laws for the night so we partake in the Prevea training runs!

The training runs have been going awesome for me. I’m feeling strong, confident, conditioned and MOST important, I’m having fun!!! We are heading into our 10 miles this Saturday and I am super pumped about it. We’re getting into those higher miles that just seemed so unrealistic back at day one.

On the morning group runs, I always try to make a point of meeting one new person. So far I have been successful!!! I get to run with someone new and learn a little bit about them. And best part of it all, it passes the time. I get sick of listening to my music day, after day, after day. Sometimes it’s nice just to turn that all off and get engaged. Ask questions. Ask people their struggles and strengths. You will find motivation and inspiration from others!

Keep on running my friends and keep your eye on the prize! My prize is Boston 2017!!!

Ashley King

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