Tundra Trailblazers: Could I lose the love?

Reason for Running: I honestly don’t know how I existed before I ran … I find my daily runs to be the BEST release of the pent up anxiety/stress that builds throughout the day. Teaching isn’t easy – to say it takes a lot of patience is an understatement (especially with my middle schoolers). Running out the stress of each day has made me a better teacher. I am able to come to school with my “patience meter” recharged, something I am sure all of my kiddos appreciate!


Current Celebration/Accomplishment: I have two this week – I took the advice that was commented on my last blog and invested in some actual running socks (vs just “dry” technology). Haven’t had any new blisters form and the others have “healed”! So thanks! Second, I am FINALLY getting over a virus that plagued me for over a week. Feels good to be back at 100% in my lungs – and even better to get back into the groove of training.


Current Challenge/Fear: As the number of hours and miles logged continues to build each week, I fear losing my love of running. I’ve heard training for a marathon is like having a second job; I see how true that really is. I don’t dread having to run 5 days out of the week just yet, but I am afraid I might feel that way eventually.

Strategy Shared with me for Success: This is one I have found on my own … I have created my own “routine” within my long runs. I have found hydration and consuming electrolytes/carbohydrates during long runs is CRUCIAL for success. My routine: Every odd number mile is water, every even numbered mile is a gummy (I usually eat ½ of a Cliff Shot Block) and water if needed. Keeps me motivated as at the end of every mile I get an “incentive” – and I can almost feel the surge of energy from feeding my body the fuel I need.

Focus/Goal for next week: Stay strong during my toughest week in the cycle of 4.

If you have any advice as to how to not lose my love of running as I continue training and/or strategies for success, please share!


Runnin’ for Recovery,

2016 Tundra Trailblazer


1 thought on “Tundra Trailblazers: Could I lose the love?

  1. Don’t worry Lauren. Just like any other relationship, the one you have with running will grow and change over time. Running is an honest partner. You will get out of it what you put in. Good luck on race day !

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