Tundra Trailblazers: I like to move it, move it

Hello Runners! Well, I think I am finding my groove. I am getting my runs in, learning when to sleep, cross train, eat and rest. Gu isn’t terrible. The chocolate is like frosting (who doesn’t like frosting???). I have a nice 3 mile loop that I can take past my house so I don’t have to carry water with me. A quick stop, and off I go. I do not enjoy my interval runs. They are easier to do on the treadmill for consistency and control, but I like my nice easy pace. I’m not fast. I will never be fast. And I am officially, totally okay with that. That being said, I have taken about 6 minutes off my 10k time from when I did the Bellin last year. Recovery is getting ritualistic: cool down, stretch, foam roller, stretch a little more and eat. (Yes, I am still hyper-focused on food if you have been paying attention.)  After a run, I could live in half pigeon pose. I’m afraid people think I fell asleep some days.

It is funny for me when someone asks, “How many miles today?”  I reply, “Only 3 to 4.”  Only 3 miles. I’m just going to run “an easy” 5k today. No problem. Who am I?

I am to the point in my training when I get to start saying, “I’ve never run this far before.”  It is such a cool feeling! I was told to really enjoy this part because I will never hit these miles for the FIRST time ever again. In trainings to come, it will just be another 7 miles or 8 miles, but right now, it’s my FIRST 7 miles and my FIRST 8 miles. For the FIRST time in this process, I feel like I can actually do this!!! I can run 13.1 miles. I know that I am not the first one to do this, and millions of people have gone before me (2,046,600 in 2014 to be exact… Thanks Larry!)  But this is MY FIRST, and I get to be proud of what I am doing. That’s not selfish or bragging. That’s goal setting and accomplishment. Yes, I post a lot of pictures about it, but it’s either fitness pictures or cat/dog pictures. J  I am determined to enjoy the entire process along the way as this has been an amazing ride so far. #theyearofbeppa

Music has been my major motivator/distraction. Science says that the sense of smell triggers strong memories. For me, music does this. I’ve been collecting music for my long run play list. It ranges from Pitbull, Beyonce and Lady Gaga to Foofighters , Primus and Fat Boy Slim. Throw some Queen in there to round things out. I don’t want to get sick of my music too soon so I listen to a lot of Pandora for now. I get variety and ideas for other songs to get. Certain songs make me think of certain people or events (Dan’s favorite jam is Usher Yeah, Peggy’s Zumba songs, college house parties with Krissy, Meghan and Sara, sending videos to friends EVERY time Shut Up and Dance came on the radio). Other songs just find that deep, visceral beat and the feet pounding just flows. I get a new burst of energy. My back is straighter. My arms are lighter. Then, I get the notification that another mile has been conquered. Boom!

Find what moves YOU! (Enter “I like to move it move it” song here.)  Happy training!!!


2016 Tundra Trailblazer

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