Tundra Trailblazers: A bad run

Hello runners!  WARNING:  Negativity ahead.

I have a headband that says “I love running. I hate running. I love running. I hate running.” Today… I hate running. What am I doing?  My hips hurt. My knees hurt. My feet hurt. I’ve got calluses on my calluses. I’m sick of talking to myself. I don’t want to listen to any music. There’s nothing good on Netflix. I’m tired. I’m hungry… always hungry. I don’t wanna. How do people this? Why do people do this? To say they did it? Is that really enough? The runner’s high is not enough today. There is not enough wine and whiskey and Epsom salt baths and ibuprofen in the world to make me like running right now.  GRRRRRR!!!!!!!

I’ve been told a lot of inspirational things to get me through times like this. It’s about progress, not perfection. The little voice telling you to quit may win some days, and that’s okay, but it can’t win tomorrow. If you are hurting, focus on what doesn’t hurt. Most days, it gets me through.  I don’t let the voice win. I tolerate the pains. I enjoy the process. I’m a happy little newbie runner. Today, though… I just can’t make myself push through. I have nothing left to give this treadmill. I quit.

Ok… I wrote that over a week ago after a bad run. It was a BAD run, a bad day. I was not well recovered from my Saturday run and let my fatigue win that day.  And it was ok. It did NOT win during my next run. It didn’t even show up. I was rested and determined to get back on track. There was some fear that I was doing something wrong in my training or that my body wasn’t cut out to run this far. I focused on my run preparation, hydration and recovery for the next long run, and guess what??? I didn’t hate my Monday run!!!

I am fully aware that I am not the first one to have that moment. Everyone has experienced this whether it is while training for a race, going back to school, work, parenting, or any other life experience. Take a deep breath, a moment or a day off and refocus. Why are you doing this? What is the ultimate goal? Why did you start and what will make this all worthwhile in the end? Find someone to vent to and get it out of your system. Once you have exercised the “demons,” you can move on and start over.

I am refreshed and ready to keep knocking out those miles.  Happy training!!!

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