Tundra Trailblazers: I am a runner

Reason for Running: The time to just think. Some consider working out as “me” time, but I don’t consider it that because each workout is mentally and physically challenging. However, the time I do spend running allows me to think about/process my day, problem solve, prepare for tomorrow, envision accomplishing my goals, let my mind wander, etc. My mind is constantly bouncing between what I am feeling physically and anything/everything else. I haven’t solved the world’s problems just yet, but maybe something will come to me soon!

Current Celebration/Accomplishment: Over the last couple of weeks, I have finally started to consider myself an athlete. I am a runner. I am surprising myself each week at what I truly can do. I am not sure what has “broke” – but I have been able to push myself more than ever and love being able to the improvements in time/distance/pace.

Current Challenge/Fear: I can’t run outside during the winter due to Raynaud’s disease, so I have been completing all my workouts on the treadmill. I have loved being able to include intervals so easily and see the progress from cycle to cycle. However, I worry about transitioning to the outdoors and having to battle with Mother Nature and the terrain.

Strategy for Success: This is one I think about often as I fear knee problems during most runs and have had some pain lately – found this tip online in the Rock N Roll Marathon Blog “Ensure the correct running form. You’ll want to land as lightly as possible, keep your feet directly under you when they strike the ground, and push off the moment your feet touch down. Try to feel as light as possible.”

Focus/Goal for next week: Feel the fresh air by completing some of my Zone 1 runs outside as Mother Nature permits.


Runnin’ for Recovery,



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