Tundra Trailblazers: Step back a little and enjoy the run


IMG_3612aWell, life has gotten SUPER busy now!  TRAINING IS IN FULL SWING!  I have been able to maintain my training runs, my run streak (day 862 as of today), Swim training, CX Worx, Help train my 3 kids for the 5k the day before the Cellcom Green Bay full and half, running with friends, helping them train for their goals also, instruct cycling and boot camps at Watertown Area YMCA, take on some Trail Running, I have now added Bike run bricks into my workouts for the Inaugural Milkman Half Ironman coming June 19th (My Father’s day present, and approximately one month after The Awesome Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon!  So a long story short, I have not watched much TV, I get home at night, pretty much eat and go to sleep, get up about 4am, run, go to class, then go to work, get done with work, run, class, eat sleep repeat again!

The thing that I need to remember and am working very hard at it is balance, between life, work and play.  It is by no means easy at all, I call all this multitask training, when training for more than one type of event, but it’s what helps challenge myself and drive me to be who I need to be, both for myself and my family and friends, they don’t always see it that way, and sometimes send me a reminder, sometimes I remember on my own, it’s easy to get engulfed in the training, but that’s where family and friends help you out to remember what’s important!

For instance this last weekend there happened to be a local Daddy-Daughter dance, I know my two girls are not going to stay 7 and 13 forever, so I made it a priority to take them, no questions asked, we had a blast and made some great memories that night, something that I know they need!  I have a weekly date night that I make a priority with my wife on Thursdays after Spin class, we go to a nice little Mexican place down the road, and catch up, my 11 yr. old son has started taking spin class with me on Thursdays, and we’ve been running a mile afterJ, this really makes me happy that he enjoys this, and I realize he is watching me and is taking a liking to an activity to help keep him healthy.

That’s pretty much it for now, so keep moving forward and keep rolling along, but don’t forget to step back a little and enjoy the run!

Brad Ratzow
Tundra Trailblazer 2016


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