Tundra Trailblazers: Embracing the last month

Reason for Running: Running builds my self-efficacy and self-confidence. I have set small goals and achieved them – proving to myself if I set my mind to accomplish something, I can. I have also learned sometimes you have to look big picture – I used to beat myself up if I had to end a run early or didn’t get the time I was hoping for. It’s okay to listen to your body and take care of it – I have suffered the consequences of not doing that once or twice and learned the hard way.

Current Celebration/Accomplishment: We are under the 30 day mark! My training will be slowly vamping down until race day – so I guess I can celebrate that I have pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible. I created a training plan and stuck with it through the good and the bad! Not every run was awesome, some were downright miserable – there were days I wanted to quit (and did), days where I doubted I would be able to make it all 26.2, days where I can’t believe I actually made the commitment to the full. However, I honestly feel I have trained to the best of my knowledge and ability and hope my training has prepared me both mentally and physically to get me across the finish line.

Current Challenge/Fear: Staying healthy and injury free as the days count down.

Strategy for Success: WATER! I have been watching my weight pre and post run to make sure I am consuming enough water. It is crazy how much and how fast your body can sweat out water weight. I have been reading up on the dangers and signs of dehydration in hopes I can keep myself hydrated and fueled up on race day.

Focus/Goal for next week: Embrace the last month of training; in less than 30 days I will be able to switch from saying “I am training for a marathon” to “I RAN A MARATHON”. I am unbelievably excited!

Runnin’ for Recovery,


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