Tundra Trailblazers: Sunday is going to be so awesome!

Reason for Running: I absolutely love the freedom. There is no better feeling than heading out on a run with miles of pavement in front of you, fresh air in your lungs, and music in your ears. Although I am still in my first year of racing, I can also tell you I am addicted to that feeling in the air at the start of a race and crossing that finish line. Sunday is going to be so awesome!

Current Celebration/Accomplishment: I CANNOT wait to be able to say I finished a marathon – I know no matter what I will cross that finish line. Mentally and physically I have prepared myself the best I can with what I have – no regrets! Although I have a goal finish time in mind, no matter what I will be honored to have been a part of the experience.

Current Challenge/Fear: I have been able to run the last couple of weeks all outside – I am ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at me on Sunday – although I’m hoping she brings sunshine and warm-ish weather. Having never run this far (in general or outside), I am going to trust my training and stick with the pacers to get me across that finish line.

Strategy for Success: I will not let defeat get to me. Physically I have prepared myself, it’s all a mental game now. There will be nothing but positive thoughts all week. I can’t wait to cheer everyone else on too!

Focus/Goal for next week: CELEBRATE!! … and recover of course.

Can’t wait to see everyone at the start AND finish line! Let’s celebrate all of our hard work and accomplishments!



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