Tundra Trailblazer Nicole: Update

The last few weeks have been really crazy for myself. Between work, life, and running, it has been hard to balance all three in one day. Obviously, work was the number one priority, since one of everyone’s favorite event is to receive a paycheck, but just like our jobs, how has your training been paying off?

A few days before my half, I decided to follow up my appointment from my running analysis back from Thanksgiving. Overall, the stretches and extra exercising have been paying off and my running form improved very well, but as most of us have experience in life, there is always room for improvement. One of the other issues I decided to ask about was my pacing for my runs.  I LOVE going out every day at 7:45/mile pace. I changed up my pacing for my runs a little, but, honestly, I seriously feel a lot stronger when I do my hill and interval workouts. I can even say, that my race from this past Saturday also benefited from that.

My job at a dairy farm is quite tiring every day. My hours typically start at six in the morning and could end anywhere between two and five in the evening. After work, I trained myself to go run. Some days, it is easy to run my favorite pace, but my body needs to recover properly on those days that I just run. I am guilty of rushing my run because I got done with work later than I expected. After all, it is calling attention to an injury. Just because a cow decided to act up before I wanted to leave does not mean I should let the cow suffer until the next morning and just go home and run. No! But instead, I pursue the issue at the farm, first, and make sure that my cow is back up and running, and then I can go home. Maybe running is not the best term to use for the cow, but as a caretaker for my livestock, it is important that she is taken care of in the most humane way possible. If it means she has to rest on the straw bedded pack for the night with food and water, and then taking it to the next step by communicating with other coworkers to help monitor her. Just like dairy cow management, you too can manage your running. You cannot always rush yourself with that. It might be bad news.

Just like the cow at work, you take the time to go through all the protocols to make sure everything is on point for running. If something is missed or a shortcut is used, something traumatic will happen. You ignore the cow in the afternoon, you might lose her overnight. You skip quality runs for your half or full marathon training, you will eventually injury yourself.

One of the many benefits of training for the Cellcom Marathon is that you are not alone. Is something bother you while you are running? Ask one of the wonderful trainers at the training runs at the Distillery. Wondering where your running form needs help? Schedule a running analysis with Prevea. All the work you put in should not be put to waste, after all, you worked too hard to get where you are standing.

One of the main things is to not let running take over your entire life. Remembering to put other things ahead of it sometimes is hard, but at the end of the day, you should be proud of the other achievements you conquered during the day besides your run.

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