Tundra Trailablazer Nicole: A Cinerella Story: If the Shoe Fits

I am a little late on this, but I got a new pair of running shoes. Actually, two to be exact.

Overall, hands down, Run Away Shoes in Green Bay is literally like runner’s heaven to me. (They also have two more stores in Oshkosh and Appleton). A lot of times I will go in there with intentions of buying a pair of shoes or whatever, and will come out with five other items. I guess in runner’s heaven, that is pretty normal.

After a really bad 16 mile run last Saturday, I told myself I needed new shoes. Now, the pair of shoes that I was running in I had since mid-December and already had over 400 miles, including the half marathon I ran at the end of January and the 15K I ran last month in them. I knew it was time to get some new shoes.

I have been going to Run Away Shoes since summer of 2014, when the local sports store down by me was having less and less running shoes in stock. I was pretty frightened when I purchased my first pair from Run Away because they cost MORE than the shoes I have previously owned, but every pair I have bought since that summer of 2014 have been wonderful and have lasted a whole lot longer.

The coolest thing is that Run Away Shoes is a sponsor of the Cellcom Marathon. If I am correct, they have done the race shirts in the past and have been really good with the Prevea Training Runs by offering a piece of apparel or “run bundles” in the last couple of years. Looking for a new pair of shoes very soon? Each person who works there will analyze your gait and will give you a few choices to try on and choose from.

On that Saturday, I went into Run Away Shoes with two goals. A new pair of trainers and a new pair of flexible racing shoes. (By flexible, I mean, I can run with them in a 5K and all the way up to a marathon, if I really want to, but mainly up to a half marathon). Last summer, before I fractured my foot, I had made plans to go into their store and pick up new trainers and new racing flats the week after, but obviously, I had to put that on hold. Basically, I was on round two of attempting to fulfill my new racing shoes promise to myself.

I had my heart set on getting the new Saucony Freedom that came out in December. I had tried them on when I got my last pair of shoes, but I was not ready yet to buy them because of the timing in the running season. I knew I had a few months before I really needed them, so I promised myself to get them when my regular running shoes were close to the end of their training cycle.

Then there were the trainers. Usually, in the past, right around 350 miles, I usually go out and buy a new pair, and then use that “old” pair for speedwork, certain workouts, and long runs, until my new shoes hit that 100-mile mark or so, then the old shoes are used as walking shoes. This time around when I picked out my new shoes I wanted to take a break away from Brooks and try out some different options. I am always impressed with how friendly the staff is at Run Away Shoes and can give you some instant feedback and information about the shoes you are looking at. After an easy decision, I picked out the Nike Zoom Air Pegasus 33. Not only were they very comfortably, but the colors screamed, “I want to run Boston!”

Now it has been a week since I got my pairs of shoes. Earlier in the week, I worked with my racing shoes, the Saucony Freedom, and decided to break them in a little bit before my next race on March 19th. Later in the week, I ran with the Nike pair, and today, I ran sixteen miles with them and they felt amazing!!

The title of my post is not accidental, but rather a true statement. Every time you go out and buy a new pair of running shoes, you want them to fit and feel perfectly. You want them to look fun. You want to do big things with them. Just like my training for Boston and the Cellcom Half, and your training, shoes are the things that make or break your run. Now, remember that statement with walking out of Run Away Shoes with more than you came in for? I walked out with nine new pairs of socks. BECAUSE. SALES. SALES ARE NICE FOR RUNNERS! 😊

Happy Running!!


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