Tundra Trailblazer Jeff: Vacation Running



Vacation Running

At some point your training might have to be altered to go on a vacation. I know that I travel for a living, but it is far from vacation. The hardest part for me is balancing work and training. I am sure that all of us struggle with that. Most of us need to work, that includes raising kids. Balance is always a struggle. Even or in some cases especially when we go on vacation or get out of our routine.

Later on this month I will be spending 10 straight days away from home. I will fly out early Friday morning to Charlotte NC. There I will pick up my new truck. On Saturday, we will pull out for Louisville, KY where I will be for 8 days. That includes missing 2 of the Prevea Training Runs. I do not plan on replacing the 12 and 14 mile LSD runs. I find it difficult to do long urban runs by myself.

What I have discovered is that I like to do is explore. Louisville is fairly familiar to me. It is the annual home of the biggest truck show in the country. We will be staying at a fancy downtown motel with plenty of treadmills. I hope to not touch them. We are too close to things that I don’t get to see very often. Louisville has an awesome trail on the Ohio Riverfront. There are bridges that runners can use to cross into Indiana. These bridges are man made hills as steep as any around here.

We are also only about a mile or two from the University of Louisville Campus. College campuses are almost always great places to run. They are pedestrian friendly. There is something special about the tradition of a campus. I don’t like to have a planned route when I am on the campus. Just run to the campus and cruise around until I get tired and run back to my hotel.

Last month I was in Peoria, IL. Do you know that Peoria lays claim to the world’s largest running store? It is huge. They also have a nice riverfront trail. Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota may have the best trail system anywhere, although Austin Texas can put up a great argument.

This past summer, I got the opportunity to spend time in Portland, Oregon. I had my regular bridge circle there. It was about 4 miles from my hotel to the river across the river and circle around to the next bridge and back. Portland has a running culture. Everyday I would see many of the same people who were probably wondering who that slow guy was.

Take advantage of the pool. Swimming or even running in the water is a nice change. So, my plan when I go on vacation (even a working one) is don’t stop being a tourist. Don’t stop being a runner. Run like a tourist. You’re probably going to need to burn off a lot of tourist food anyway.



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