Tundra Trailblazer Nicole: Update

Boston Marathon, here I come!

Hello, Everyone, once again! Sorry for a slight delay in my postings! My laptop decided to not work earlier this week! I would think most of you have encountered some technology failures. So, here am I typing this awesomely epic update on my little phone. Hooray! (Not)

On March 25th, I logged in my longest run in my training cycle for Boston, 22 freaking miles. It was a huge milestone for me because it was the longest training run I have ever ran. (I may note that the furthest I ever ran was, yes, a marathon.)

One of the hardest things training for Boston was building up mileage. Since I could not run for three months, it was hard once I picked up miles that were once easy. Each long run on Saturday, I learned to be patient, I learned when to take it easy, and take it in one run at a time.

On March 19, I ran a local race in Two Rivers. As a competitive runner, it was not easy taking in the finish time. Even when I ran my last race this past Saturday, a 10K, I was not satisfied with it. Both times were my third fastest times, I had to remember exactly what I have been training for the whole time, the Boston Marathon.

From day one of when I wrote down for a school assignment to run Boston by the age of twenty-five, time started ticking. The miles were not easy going into my first half marathon one year after I wrote down my goal. I was not happy with my first half, which lead me to wait yet another year to throw two more with a month in between.

A few months after considering how to take on my next goal of running a marathon, I needed community support. No, it did not take a literal city to convince me to run one, but I turned to my Facebook friends. Over the course of four years in high school, I friended a lot of runners from all over the place, and following high school, a few more. Right before the Cellcom Marathon first price increase, I made my decision to run the marathon.

I needed more than just people off the sidelines, but needed someone alongside me the whole race. To feel the same pain I was experiencing at the same exact moment. If it wasn’t for Nick, I do not even think I would be even toeing the line in less than two weeks. It not only was Nick, but the rest of the Awesome Rogue Trotters, Alex, Erika, and Ryan. Following the first marathon, their marathon times were slightly faster, and since I have beaten them in some races, I had the confidence to beat their times. Did I mention some of their times were close to 3:35? Erika went to Boston last year, so when I toed the line of my second marathon. I had purpose and I earned my 3:23 and my BQ.

Despite what happened last July, I overcame a lot just to train for one race, but it is more than just a race, it is my motivation to start speed training, increase my strength and flexibility and make my running more efficient. Maybe my fractured foot is an opportunity, time will tell. Again, facing a few starting lines in the next few weeks and months will need confidence, patience, and trust.

As I go into the final week before Boston, I will be joining in for the half marathon route at the Prevea Training Runs on Saturday, April 8th at 7 AM. Hope to see you all there! (And let’s hope my laptop will be okay! Fingers crossed!)

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