Tundra Trailblazer Nicole: Introduction

My running story began almost by accident you could say. As a high school student I didn’t earn a spot on the volleyball team and decided to join some other friends on the cross country team. No one was cut and everyone was welcome. I quickly fell in love with the routine of running and the friendships that developed. I was never the fastest, and am still not. But I will always remember how running became fun!

In the years after high school running would become the one sport I always came back to. I would trade it for fitness classes or the treadmill, but when the weather got nice I’d throw on my running shoes and hit the trail or the neighborhoods where I lived. For many years the only race I’d run each year was the Bellin Run 10k. That changed the year I ran my first half-marathon which was also the first year of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. I have such fond memories of my first 13.1 and found myself coming back to the race year after year. In 2010 and then again in 2011, I trained and ran 26.2 miles. Every week I met and ran with the Prevea training group. It was then I finally felt like a runner. I learned how to handle the emotional ups and downs, the good runs, the hard runs, the aches and pains, enduring 16 miles in the pouring rain, a race day with 40 mph winds, and of course, the runner’s high of setting a goal and completing the race.

A lot has happened since that 26.2 but one thing remains, my love for running. In 2012, we had our son and he soon became my running buddy. We ran many a days together on the trail – him and I. Last January I had hip surgery to fix a lingering injury and after spending most of last year recovering and getting back in to running shape, I look forward even more to my runs. I’m a better wife and mom because of it.

Running to me is about the journey, getting from point A to point B. It’s a time where I talk to God, create my never-ending to-do lists, clear my head and listen to music. It’s my own personal therapy hour. I’ve logged miles during the stress of planning a wedding, dealing with infertility, the diagnosis of my Mom’s cancer, along with the joys of becoming a wife, having a baby, becoming a mom, and raising a son.

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