Tundra Trailblazer Nicole: Running by Faith

The first mile is a liar. Or in this past weekend’s 8 miles – the first half. It was my first morning of being able to join the Prevea Training Run for this training cycle. Finally no early hockey game and the hubby had the weekend off which meant he wasn’t walking in the door at 6:45. I forgot how much I like the routine before a morning run since usually we’re rushing out the door for hockey and I have to squeeze my run in when I can. Cup of coffee, my daily reading devotional, and a honey stinger waffle before getting dressed and heading out the door. I got to the training run early and even though I’ve done many training runs over the years I was still nervous. I didn’t recognize anyone so I quickly went to the bathroom and started stretching. As runners started to head out I joined the group and off we went. It was nice to be starting at the opposite end of the Fox River since I usually start near the De Pere boat landing. The difference with starting with a group for me is I start out too fast so for the first two miles I forced myself to stay slower, be passed by runners, and find my rhythm. I underestimated old man winter and forgot my gloves so during the first few miles I was mad at myself and kept playing with my sleeves – covering and uncovering my hands. In my head I had divided the run into two – 4 milers. Do you do that? If I can’t turn my brain off I play games. I split my run into increments, focus on the next land mark, count how many runners are wearing a certain color. I run four or five miles during the week so I’m not sure what was different on today’s run. But once I hit the turn around on the trail the run changed for me. Maybe because there were less runners as some kept going for the full turnaround or what but the next few miles flew by. Around 6 I noticed my hips feeling tight and so in my head I started planning out how I could fit a yoga class or two into my week. By the time I felt my watch vibrate for 7 miles I started feeling cold again but felt really good. Darn you buildings for blocking the sun. At around this point I heard a song on my playlist about God making us beautifully broken and I spent the last mile realizing how every time I feel broken God in some way shows me how incredible life is. Despite the stress and craziness of the last 4 weeks I have been living by faith, not by sight and God will always help to put the pieces back together. I felt so thankful to be wrapping up my 8 mile run with a smile and a positive attitude with a full day ahead of me.

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