Tundra Trailblazer Steve: The Long Run

The weeks have been flying by, as each week passes we are finding each long run getting longer and longer. This can become difficult, the time requirement increases. The need for a good diet, sleep and hydrating becomes much more important.


This last weekend I did the Preava Training run and got up a little late and forgot to eat breakfast. It left me suffering, feeling weak and a little sick by the end of my run. My intentions were to do a few extra miles but, if I would have tried to run those extra miles, nothing good would have came out of that attempt.

Training for a marathon takes planning. What are you going to eat, when, drink? I personally don’t like carry water with me so I need to plan a route ahead of time and place water.

The long run can also be scary and intimidating. Understanding the purpose of the long run can ease your fears. It truly is not about speed. It is about building endurance. Getting the miles is much more important then the speed that it’s done. So make your plan. Load up your music, audio book or just take in the sights and take it easy and enjoy your run.

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