Tundra Trailblazer Ali: Taper Craziness

Taper craziness is best solved exploring new trails. #explorefreedom

Taper craziness is in full effect with the Cellcom Marathon a little over a week out.  As the mileage dials back my mind speeds up…all the doubt floods in.  This may not be my 1st marathon, but the restlessness feels just like it did 11 years ago.  Regardless of the number of races one has done the days leading up to an event bring out all sorts of unexpected thoughts and emotions.

After a disastrous winter of training with the ridiculous weather and hip injury I am questioning if I have what “it” takes to finish the marathon.  Can I go the distance? Will I hit the wall? What will the weather be like? Do I have my nutrition dialed in? What should I wear?  These unanswered questions have been swirling in my head. Typically I would go for a run to quiet the crazy in my head, but with the mileage waning in the taper weeks leading up to race day my head is swimming in uncertainty.  Yikes!!!


Miles with friends are good for the soul & keeping doubt at bay.

My family is all well away of the transformation that occurs leading up to a race.  I turn into a mad women of sorts. I am edgy (dare I say moody) and sleeping becomes a fruitless task only adding to my moodiness.  If food is not nailed down I ingest it at a rapid rate – HANGRY is a real thing, just as Taper Craziness is!  Watch out folks a marathon runner in the weeks leading up to a race is to be handled with care at a safe distance:)

Hydration on point prior to race day! #teambirdtraining100oz

So I have come to terms with this state I have found myself in and tried to recognize the silver lining in all of it. Taper time means that the adventure of Cellcom is almost upon me. I have endured for this race, worked through hardships, forged new friendships, and most of all I have fallen back in love with running. These days will grind on (slowly), but race day is coming!  I cannot wait to line up at the start.

#BeKing #BeHappy #BeActive

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